Genesis Today

Genesis Today makes a full line of products filled with anti-oxidants and nutrients made with superfruits! Each serving of their juice is so powerful, you can read all about it right here! I was able to try each of their delicious juices and appreciate not only the flavor but the benefits that the juices can reap on your body.
Acai Berry Juice: Formulated to support healthy skin, hair, nails and even energy!
Gogi Berry Juice: Formulated to lift your mood and tame your tension-YEAH!
Resveratrol Juice: Formulated to support your heart.
The highlight of my Genesis Today experience is—the Dark Chocolate Acai Pudding. This pudding is meant to support a healthy, happy mood, healthy skin, hair and nails, support weight control and is packed with antioxidant power. In addition to all these great things the pudding is addictingly good. It has a sweet, fruity flavor (the acai) with dark as the main flavor making it a rich chocolate experience that you can appreciate in each creamy spoonful. PS. Each cup of pudding only has 100 calories!