Safety Should Not Be Negotiable

There is nothing more comforting for a Mother than knowing that your child is going to be safe when growing up. From the time I knew I was pregnant to when my child moves out of the house and has their own life; I will worry about every step they make. But, the worries of making sure they will be safe while they lay their precious head down to sleep every night is lessened when you use a waterproof mattress protector by Naturepedic. Naturepedic products eliminate a lot of the hazardous chemicals found in other baby products that are available for purchase. For example, the waterproof mattress protector does not contain vinyl, PVC, phthalates, or latex (for allergy concerns). The pad is made from natural organic materials which consist of two layers of organic cotton flannel on the top and the bottom of the pad. Using organic cotton makes the pad super soft and plushy and highly absorbent. This pad also has the ability to reduce uneven temperatures, sweating, and clamminess that babies can get at anytime throughout the night. I did mention that this pad was also waterproof (WOOHOO!!!) any mom would be happy about that right? Naturepedic installed an ultra-thin waterproof membrane in the center to protect your mattress (what a lifesaver). You should really take the time to jump onto the Naturepedic website they have many other products available to keep your child safe. THANK YOU NATUREPEDIC!!!!