Inspired by Chocolate!

There is not a day that goes by that I do not crave or for that matter, indulge in chocolate. That I why I was so happy to get the chance to try Chocolate Inspirations vegan chocolates and their creative pretzel bites. The vegan chocolates were totally amazing and I have to give a very special mention particularly to the Vegan Granola Bark covered in chocolate. I could not have dreamt up a better combination in my wildest dreams. Crunchy granola filled with almonds, walnuts, berries then coated in Swiss dark chocolate. You will not be disappointed with any of their dairy free confections that you decide to try- they have toffees, brittles, caramels and much more. Everything I tasted was heavenly. The pretzel bites are also amazing and in cute little bite size nibs (my fave was the cinnamon sugar).