Ingrid & Isabel to the rescue!

At my stage in pregnancy I am in between full blown maternity clothes and wearing my regular clothes. The trouble was with my work pants and jeans, they have no give so buttoning them was out of the question. Ingrid & Isabel sent me two of their amazing Bella Bands calling it the “most versatile maternity accessory you will ever need” and I have to say I strongly agree. The Bella Band has saved my pocketbook and my work wardrobe as well as my cute jeans! So what exactly is this miracle maternity helper? The Bella Band is a uniquely designed wide band made so that you can keep wearing your favorites longer and help you glide back into regular clothing after pregnancy as well. The design on these Bella Bands has three parts: The Top Hem which helps minimize lines under your shirt, The Main Body which is seamless and made of spandex and nylon to stay formfitting and The Bottom Hem that is double sewn to make sure your pants or skirts stay up and in place.
This might be funny to you but I strongly feel that every woman should have one of these—pregnant or not! When you are bloated, have something that is just a bit too tight or you are pregnant these bands are a lifesaver.