Not Just a Bagel

At Just Bagels they make hands down the best bagels I have ever tasted. Maybe its because they pride themselves on producing the “freshest, tastiest and healthiest of bagels containing no oils, fats, cholesterol, or preservatives” How much do you love that? You will love it even more when you sink your teeth into a chewy, kettle boiled bagel from Just Bagels. Check out my bagel sandwich creation using a Just Bagels Poppy Seed Bagel. I used some Prairie Pride Farms bacon, slice of cheese, scrambled some eggs and voila—I had a perfect breakfast. I usually make these sandwiches on an English muffin but this is my new choice item to stuff with my morning meal. I could not believe just how many flavors Just Bagels has! Wow! You have to get online and check it out, so far I have had the Poppy Seed and Sesame—both equally as delectable.