Sunshiny Day!

These are simply the best vegetarian burgers I have ever prepared at home. I have to tell you about them. I went to the store Friday night and picked up a box of the Original Sunshine Burgers. The description sounded amazing—not a beef imitation but a combination of healthy ingredients that make up these delicious patties. The list was simple: Raw sunflower seeds, brown rice, carrots, herbs and sea salt. I love that their burgers contain no soy or wheat so great for those with allergies and for me keeps the bloating away. Being so impressed with their Original Burger, I went to the store on Sunday to pick up some fresh produce for the week when I spotted their Falafel Patty variety. I am a Falafel FREAK! Normally, the Falafel that you get at restaurants is deep fried but these are baked which I just love. Carol, the founder of Sunshine Burger, even has her own Falafel Sauce recipe right there on the website—I didn’t have time to make the sauce but even without it these were magnificent. I could not believe how great these burgers were and how complex the flavor was with so little ingredients. Get online and check these out—then RUN to the store (freezer section) to pick these up!