Organic Valley

The leaders in Organic products are in the top spot for a reason—I am talking about Organic Valley! I love their products and it seems like their offerings are limitless. They have an amazing variety of foods that are produced all while keeping the welfare of humans, animals and the earth in mind. I love their philosophy and their style! They give us such yummy offerings by working with Organic family farmers in every region! Log onto their website to find out six GREAT reasons to always choose Organic! Onto the good stuff—their food! They have the hugest variety of milk (the chocolate is delicious), cream, yogurt, butter, cheese, soy milk, cream cheese, cottage cheese (the creamiest ever), sour cream, eggs, juice, healthy snacks (perfect for on the go) and meat. It seems like every time I go to the store I end up seeing a new or previously overlooked Organic Valley item and it always ends up in my basket. Rest assured that choosing Organic Valley you will get a high quality, healthy and friendly product.