Beach Bash!

I know I just rave about Enjoy Life Foods but I just love their cookies, granola, bars, chocolate and snacks! Now I have found another hot snack of theirs called "not nuts"-- there are two kinds of this amazing trail mix -- beach bash and mountain mambo. Both are outrageously good mixes so delicious you will never even think of the missing nuts. So what are in these delicious bags? Lets start with my fave-- mountain mambo:

Raw sunflower seeds, pumkin seeds, raisins, dried apples, CHOCOLATE chips and cranberries. Obviously the chocolate is what pushed it over the edge into being my favorite. The combination works perfectly together to give you that awsome sweet and salty mix. The sunflower and pumpkin seeds provide a great crunch and the apples and cranberries balanced this perfectly. There was nothing I did not like about this mix!
So how about the beach bash? First off, I love the name! Anything that can take my mind to the beach even if just for a minute has a place in my heart.
Again, a perfect combination of salty and sweet with a very unique and crazy good combination. This bag contained raw sunflower kernels, pineapple, pumpkin seeds, cranberries and apricots. I have never had a fruit mixture like this but loved how the pineapple, cranberries and apricots tasted together-- it was very tropical and fruity. This mix is perfect for the beach or just about anywhere you want a great and good for you snack.