Brainy Toys

What mother does not want to watch their child having a great time playing with their toys but also know that they are learning and developing from all the fun they are having? I honestly put thought into every toy that I get for Max. I know what he will and won't like but beyond that try and give him educational fun. Mindware has educational (and fun) toys for kids of all ages from the amateur player to 12+ years. Max falls into the beginner range but he sure loves his toys. I spotted this cool "Click Clack Caterpillar" for ages 1 and up -- it is a sights and sounds caterpillar that teaches little ones cause and effect as well as hand/eye coordination all while entertaining them with colorful balls and cars, melodies, funny sounds and lights.
Max simply loves this fun caterpillar! He shoots the balls right down the tracks and laughs as the lights come on and the sounds and music play. It also comes with roller type cars that he will learn to use as he gets a bit older, the balls are perfect for his little hands right now. I love that it is a toy that he will grow into and can use now so its worth every penny at an affordable 59.95. The product is sturdy and generously sized, the balls flow smoothly down the tracks and it is uniquely fun. I see SO many things on Mindware that I would love to get Max. They make it super easy for you to shop by allowing you to select by age range or categories like books, building toys, games, science, history and MANY more. Personally I spotted things on the site that I would like for myself haha! I would love to play this LineUp Board Game or do the All Natural Day Spa. Kids of ALL ages will love Mindware!