Enjoy Life With a Cookie!

Just a couple short weeks ago I posted about Enjoy Life Foods gluten-free and allergen friendly snacks here. I just love that they are a company that makes snacking enjoyable for those with allergies or food intolerances but they are great for anyone who just loves to snack as well. I tried their new Crunchy Cookies and love these hand-crafted crispy cookies. When they say "crunchy" it is a good crunchy, not like they crumble into pieces but more like crispy if you ask me. I can not get enough of the Double Chocolate Chip cookies. Oh my-- they are made up of a deep chocolate cookie and sprinkled generously with rich, smooth chocolate chips.
With these being my favorite they have still have 3 other kinds that are also delicious. Another great thing about thses is that two BIG cookies only had 110 calories, I did a double take on this since they tasted so good. All the cookies contain no trans fat, no artificial ingredients, are kosher, gluten-free and casein-free. In order of my favorites there are the Vanilla Honey Graham (like a graham cracker cookie--yummm), Chocolate Chip (classic chocolate chip) and Sugar Crisp (simple goodness).  I've noticed that a lot of my local stores carry Enjoy Life Foods but you can do a store locator search here OR print out this store request letter and hand right to the store manager!