Indian Summer

Wisconsin is having a touch of warm weather and we have NO clue when our luck will run out so when I saw that the thermometer was going to hit 70+ degrees today and I called up my brother so we could run over to our favorite course for possibly our last game of the year. This year was a little different since I had Max with me but he loves being outside, riding in the cart and seeing his Uncle so it was just the perfect day. We also got to try out our new to us but used golf balls that I have been talking about. My brother was actually making fun of me being so concerned about recycling, buying used, using less etc... that he said if I could get used golf balls I would and I did just that. Used Golf Ball Deals really has the best deals I was able to find online for golf balls. After he took a peek at my Titleist PRO V1 golf balls he could not believe that these are refinished golf balls, honestly they look brand new. Now if I could just replace my clubs... that will be many years from now I am afraid.