Just what are Bummas? They are incredibly soft, reusable, super absorbent baby wipes. Being a cloth diaper user myself for Max it only made sense to look into an eco-friendly alternative to all the waste of constantly using standard wipes. You can use Bummas multiple ways-- either by using simply as a drying cloth before diapering to avoid wetness and rash OR you can wet Bummas a bit and replace the wipes you normally use. These cute multi-colored wipes are so functional and can be used to prevent sneak attack squirts while changing (they will soak up an entire pee) or really any sort of baby care that requires wetting, drying or cleaning all with softness unmatched by commercial diaper wipes. I also love that being a cloth that you just launder there are no hidden ingredients because if you are changing and drying your baby right you should not need added powders, lotions etc... Here is what they look like:
They have other sets of vibrant, baby friendly colors as well-- would make a cute shower gift too! So if you are interested in saving your babies butt and saving a little bit of cash check out Bummas! I love this idea, I am always trying to keep a dry something around to blot before re-diapering so this will be perfect. Want to get your own set of Bummas? Visit their store online or use their store finder and you can also try to win a set by liking Bummas on facebook then let me know you did this for an entry into my randomly drawn giveaway ending one week from now-- Sunday October 23rd. Good luck!