Bottlehood Review and COOL Giveaway!

Get ready for this one! I feel so lucky to have gotten to do a review and a giveaway with Bottlehood. They make hands down the coolest recycled glassware I have ever seen. Here is a little about what they do:
"BottleHood’s recycled glassware is made from wine, beer, liquor and soda bottles recycled from restaurants, bars, homes and events in the community. Our repurposed tumblers, juice glasses, vases, pendant beads and light fixtures are all eco-friendly products. Created out of a passion to create local jobs, stimulate our local retail economy and help our environment, BottleHood’s success is a reflection of neighborhood sentiment and support for what BottleHood stands for… a pride in our neighborhood, our local craftsmen and entrepreneurs, and our social responsibility."

So lucky me (and possibly you) I was able to score this cool Patron bowl:

Not only is this bowl so neat because it is made right out of an actual Patron bottle, it is a recycled one giving this glass one more go-around. The "bowl" has been designed from the bottom of the bottle and carefully molded to ensure a smooth edge. This particular one is a good size and will be great for bar snacks, keeping tabs in or just about anything else you can think of. The folks at Bottlehood are letting you in on the fun too! They have up for grabs the best set of tumblers I have seen in a long time made from recycled (of course) Red Stripe Bottles-- sure to make that Red Stripe drinker very, very happy.

So you want these? Email me right now! Tell me something you learned from the Bottlehood website and make sure you follow my blog. Thats it! You have until Sunday the 30th-- good luck!