Oh the possiblities!

I had so much fun doing a review for Build a Sign! Once I was on their website I realized just how endless the possiblities were for creating a masterpiece-- so off I went to make my own sign. With Max's birthday quickly approaching I thought what better way to greet guests then a giant Happy Birthday Max sign! Here it is:
I actually chose from their "Jumbo Cards" section and expected a jumbo card on regular card paper but what we got was so much more than what we expected. In the mail we got a seriously "Jumbo" card on a super high quality board type material that is so sturdy and durable with a coating that will ensure that this board lasts, I am sure we could even use this outside if we wanted to. I was so happy because I can hold onto this as a 1st birthday keepsake and I know it will stand the test of time. Not only was the quality so high but creating the card was SUPER simple. They have a bunch of designs on the page that you can choose from and from there they are also highly customizable. I chose one and then was able to insert my own image, font, change colors etc... It actually only took me a few minutes after I chose which design I wanted to go with. Then it was printed super fast and arrived to me in no time. I am overly happy with the product I got from Build a Sign and recommend you check them out they have everything from Bumper Stickers to Banners.