You buy a tee, we plant a tree

Is the motto over at Ban T-shirts. Their tee's come in a wide variety of slogans from environmental, political, ocean, religion and more. Not only is there a huge array of tee's to pick from they also come in various sizes so you can get the perfect fit-- they have men's, women's, childrens and even some long sleeve t-shirts which tend to be hard to come by and are my winter favorites! So what did I choose?

"Environmental planet Earth T-shirt. There is no planet B, there is no backup plan and there's no backup planet. This is it, Earth is our home, so let's look after it. Wear this tee and help spread the message about global warming."

I love the message this t-shirt sends and hope that it gets people thinking-- there really is no planet b. So not only do I love what this shirt says I love that the shirt was a very high quality, organic cotton black shirt with high quality printing on the shirt. It arrived super quick AND remember for every t-shirt Ban T-shirt sells they plant a tree!