NuGo Nutrition Bars

We all NEED that extra burst of nutrition here and there—NuGo Nutrition Bars have just the solution. NuGo Bars are perfect for the whole family meeting a whole range of nutritional needs—their website is even designed to find your perfect bar by your specific goals. What else is great is the taste of these bars. I had the Chocolate Chocolate Chip NuGo Dark Bar this mid-morning as my snack and was blown away by the taste. You would never know that this was not a treat but actually a wholesome snack. The key? They use real dark chocolate and the most wholesome ingredients possible making them chock full of protein and whole grains. I also have the Peanut Butter Chocolate, Vanilla Yogurt and Chocolate left to try—I am so excited! In addition, they have Organic, Raw, Low Carb, Kosher, vegan, fruit & fiber, sugar-free, gluten, soy, & dairy free, and 100% natural. Order their sample pack to see which one of the bars is your favorite!