PJ's that glow in the dark!

I just love when I get the chance to review something for my little guy! This review came just in time as its already starting to get super cold here in the midwest and long sleeve pajamas are a must. The Pajama Company has a HUGE selection of great pajamas for everyone from your little guys to us grown-ups. They have tons of categories easily laid out on their website for easy shopping like matching family sets, footed pajamas for both kids and adults-- even dog pj's! I chose to get the kiddo a cool set called "Glow in the Dark PJ Rex" by Hatley Nature Kids, just one of the many great brands featured on The Pajama Company website. Max will just love these jammies because not only do they feature a cool dino applique top but also an all-over dino print on the bottoms-- the best part is that they GLOW IN THE DARK!

Yep-- its true, these pj's are so cool they will be a favorite in this house. I loved that they set is made of high quality 100% combed cotton featuring a snug, safe fit and cuffed ankles/sleeves it is also so original with its glow in the dark dinosaur theme. Make sure to check out The Pajama Company for your family and also pajamas are always great presents! Like them on facebook while you are at it!