Small hiatus, BIG giveaway!

Hi everyone! I have been M.I.A. for a couple of days but am back now. I guess next time I will have to post some sort of "I am going to visit my family" type note... But thank you for the emails and YES I had a great time! I also had some great mail to welcome me home, one of my favorites being this:
These beautiful "Punch Bracelets" are made by Imooi (pronounced ee-MOY-ee). What do I love about my new bracelet? Simply everything, I have the one pictured in the center-- the tan shade I figure it will go with everything because I will be wearing this all the time. I was so impressed by Imooi because even their presentation of the bracelet is just beautiful, mine arrived carefully placed in a modern, creamy colored case and inside was my stunning wrist art. My particular bracelet easily fastens like a watch and is a nice thick cuff with amazing "punch" detail and a seriously hip designed face. What makes Imooi stand apart is that their jewelry is all made from stainless steel-- which gives each one of their pieces a modern flair all while keeping their jewelry both low maintenance and affordable. There is so much to pick from on their website from rings to handbags and even cufflinks, there is virtually something for everyone. All of this is going to qualify Ioomi for my upcoming holiday gift giving guide which I will be posting in the next couple of weeks. So the moment you all have been waiting for-- the giveaway! I bet you are just dying to get your hands on your very own bracelet, earrings or ring from Ioomi, right? Well listen up-- you have until Sunday November 13th to get your entry in. Email me with "Ioomi Giveaway" in the subject line and send an email for each entry you qualify for-- up for grabs is a 25.00 gift code! YEAH! The mandatory entry is to visit the Ioomi website and let me know what you would put your 25.00 towards and you must follow my blog for additional entries follow Ioomi on facebook and twitter.