Brush, Brush, Brush your Teeth

Who knew that once your babies first tooth popped up that it was time to start brushing? Apparently not my family! I was talking to my Dad who reported that they did not brush my teeth until I was a toddler! That really upset me since I am a brushing freak! After all my gum recession I realize just how careful I have to be with Max's mouth to ensure he has clean baby teeth but its also soft and safe. Radius has a Pure Baby toothbrush that is designed with these sensitive mouths in mind:

PURE BABY TOOTHBRUSH – ages 6 through 18 months

  • BPA Free – no dangerous plasticizers used, handle is pure polypropylene – designed to be chewed
  • Dye Free – world’s first completely dye-free toothbrush
  • 8000 ultra soft, premium RADIUS bristles
  • Tapered handle, designed to for Baby to play with and for parents to control easily
  • Oval head with non-aligned bristle layout to avoid tooth erosion