Customized Cereal

Sounds fantastic, right? It is! Custom Choice Cereal gives you the freedom to make your own cereal just the way you like it. You can chock it full of ingredients or keep it simple—its all up to you. Not only do they have three nutritious bases to choose from—Cinnamon Granola, Corn Flakes and Good Morning Flakes, they also have a TON of additions you can make to your base. So first I chose—Corn Flakes then I moved on and chose the dried blueberries, dried strawberries and walnuts. It was hard to make my choices since there were so many including: Cherries, Cranberries, Pears—just to name a few. Then you move onto the nuts/ seeds category and find great selections like: Almonds, Coconut, Pumpkin Seeds (much more on there than this). Then you pick your very own name for the cereal and order it! I named mine “Berries Plus”.

What I loved about this cereal: It was delicious, fresh and I controlled the ingredients.
What I loved about the website: For each ingredient you add, it calculates the nutrition ingredients right there for you.
What I think they should add: A plain granola. I wanted to make my base granola but they only had a cinnamon one—I thought the cinnamon might conflict with my berries, which I had to have! The Corn Flakes did turn out to be mighty tasty though!