Lick This!

Licorice made by a father/son duo who have found the meaning of life—and its their very own licorice—they declare it as the “World’s Best”! I have to agree. RJ’s Licorice is soft, fresh and comes in either traditional black or raspberry in a variety of shapes and sizes. No matter how they configure it, it is fantastic. Considering myself a licorice connoisseur I thought I had tried it all but it might be their raspberry licorice that really makes me think it might be the best in the world. The raspberry is different than other fruit licorices by not having that artificial berry flavor to it. Its berry flavor is subtle and tastes natural, its hard to explain you will just have to try it for yourself! The traditional also was amazing—I loved how soft it was and the licorice flavor was just right, not too overpowering.