The Polls are In… and The Winner is….Polski!!!

If you like sausage, you need to sink your teeth into an all natural polish sausage from Polski Sausage. This sausage has flavor, taste, and some kick to it as well. Polski sausages are made from all natural ingredients which made the sausage less greasy than most others. Some sausages you really can’t smell when cooking it, this sausages smelled awesome, I thought I was at the ball park in my own home. Since it’s still very cold here in Wisconsin we cannot grill out yet, but after taking one bite I felt like it was summer again. For those of you looking for low sodium products and if you love sausage Polski’s sausages actually have 2 times less the sodium content of most name brand sausages. Polski’s not only has sausages links but they also have sausage sliders great for those summer parties and all of their products come fully cooked ready to heat and serve. I read the instructions and it said to just lightly brown it on the grill and since it is still winterish here in Wisconsin I just put it into a hot pan for a few minutes, flipped it and cooked a bit more. It browned very nicely and had a carmelized flavor. Amazing. Needed no bun, no sauces etc… PS- I was so excited to eat this that I cooked up quite a bit. Needless to say, it is very filling and I realized my excited brain was clouded with the smells of sizzling sausage—so I have a fantastic lunch just waiting for me today! I also have some of the links chilling in the freezer just waiting for a hot grill.