That is one fine nut!

This was quick and GOOD! This was inspired by a salad that I had on vacation a while back minus the cranberries. This one was just bagged salad mix, The Well Dressed Nut Spiced Up Pecans and some Athenos Feta Cheese. I then topped it with just a splash of olive oil. It worked out amazingly well because it sat for a while because life interrupted my meal time. The best part of the salad was by far the pecans. I was stealing them off the top and ended up replacing them with more and then had some more later on! I met my nut quota for the day—that is for sure! The nuts were the best mix of sweet and spicy, no doubt why they are the best seller. These nuts are truly a gourmet food experience—the nuts are jumbo sized (not pieces but full nuts), all-natural, top quality ingredients and no preservatives—I have to mention how stylish these nuts are too! If you see in my pic I also have some Maple Glazed Pecans with Cranberries. I love Maple and I love cranberries so I can not wait to see how great these are. I read on their website ways to enjoy these and the suggested them mixed into oatmeal or yogurt—two of my favorite foods.