Just say NO

To boring salads. They are no fun! Vino De Milo has a full line up of salad dressings that are armed with original flavors with a flare to them. Gorgonzola Pear, Sun Ripened Tomato and my favorite Artichoke Parmesan! Vino De Millo has other sauces beyond the salad dressings but the salad dressings are thick, creamy and make salads something to look forward to. The Artichoke Parmesan is so outrageously good—its my new go to dressing. I had it as a Cesar swap and it went perfectly with crunchy romaine lettuce, a few tomatoes and some chickpeas. That is seriously all this salad needed. Lucky for me I have spotted these dressings on the shelves now locally at Roundy’s Market. Don’t have a nearby Roundy’s? Hop on their website to order or find a retailer. Read the story about the start of Vino De Milo—loved it!