Sleeping Beauty

After a long day of work, gym, and household chores nothing sounds better to me than a good nights sleep. I love the smell of my linens right after I wash them it’s very soothing to me and I wish I could wash them every single day instead of once a week but it’s very time consuming. Body and Mind Time came up with a great solution in between the 6 days before I smell fresh linens again pillow and linen spray. The aroma that these linen sprays give off are sensational and soothing. My linens smell like they just came out the wash machine every day. I usually spray my linens before I leave for work in the morning and by 10:00 at night the fresh linen smell is just enough to put me to sleep. Body and Mind Time has 4 different sprays with a mixture of scents including: lavender, sweet orange, chamomile, geranium, rosemary and thyme.