Put Your Day in Overdrive

Before I hit the gym this afternoon I grabbed an energy drink out of the fridge to take with me while I worked out. I try to work out at least 2 hours or so a day. On some days I just don’t feel like being at the gym for over an hour even. Do you ever have that feeling? Well if you don’t that’s awesome, but I do and I’m not afraid to admit it. So, about half way through my workout I just wanted to go home and make dinner but I always feel bad for leaving so early so I grabbed my HyDrive Energy Drink and went back to the stair machine. I was about half way through my 60 min workout on the stair machine and I had completely downed my Blue Raspberry Energy Drink. I had enough strength and energy to push through the last 30 min. of my routine. This energy drink by HyDrive is non-carbonated and only contains 30 CALORIES, That’s It! The blue raspberry drink has many good vitamins and nutrients including: B12, maca root, ginkgo biloba, D- ribose, and L-leucine. HyDrive also has grape fusion, kiwi strawberry, citrus burst, lemon lime, and triple berry flavors. Blue raspberry is definitely my favorite. They also came out with energy soft chews that melt in your mouth not in your gym bag!