The Doctor is in!

One of my true soda loves, Zevia, has come out with their newest soda—Dr. Zevia! Not to compare it but it is like that other famous Diet Dr. soda out there but much better. Not only does the taste blow the other away, Dr. Zevia is so much better because it is sweetened with Stevia, an all-natural sweetener versus artificial sweeteners like the other brands. I have personally hailed Zevia as the best zero calorie soda on the market and they have a bunch of other flavors to choose from listed in my order of favorites first being Dr. Zevia, Zevia Orange, Zevia Twist, Zevia Black Cherry, Zevia Ginger Root Beer, Zevia Ginger Ale and Zevia Cola. Their website is awesome, they have a lot of information on Stevia, why going all-natural for soda is the way to go and what sets them apart from other all-natural sodas currently on the market.