Food Day!

Every once in a while we have “Food Days” at work. We all are assigned to a course and bring a dish. I decided to make brownies since they are always a hit with everyone. In our efforts to lighten up our menus I chose to make Sofella’s Sin-Free Fat Free Brownie Mix. Now get this—to make the brownies all you have to do is an a non-fat yogurt (I used a Greek yogurt). Mix and bake! They tasted amazing and every last one was gone. Sofella’s does the work for you on a lot more items that just the brownies they have other gourmet baked goods like Vanilla Bean Bundt Cake, Lemon Ginger Cake, Breads and an assortment of Rice, Grains and Side Dishes. This was so easy to prepare that I can not wait to try the others.