Labs with Abs

Yes you read that right! Okay I am a total animal lover—cats, dogs, snakes, birds… you get where I am going with this—I love them all. I love animal “stuff” too so when I saw this “Labs with Abs” water bottle I was rolling laughing. It actually hit a special funny bone because everyone told me that when I shaved my cat there was probably going to be a six pack underneath his fur! Luckily, there was not—that could have been freaky! But I do think animal exercise is VITAL for their health just like ours. This cute bottle shows your love for animals and promotes animal well-being and just makes you laugh. So far it has been quite the conversation piece! Check out the website this came from Blue Q. Their products are flipping hilarious. I saw something that would make every single person I know laugh—they have quite a range of stuff. Warning—their site is very addictive. They sent me a catalog that I brought to work and everyone was rolling laughing. BFF’s birthday coming up and the perfect gift has been spotted!