Its all about… YOU

At You Bars it is all about You. You can customize energy bars, cereal, protein shakes, protein bars, cookies and even trail mix. I think they have it covered. So what YOU do is log onto their website, decide what you are going to design and make it! If you are lazy you can also take a peek at their popular choices. It is WAY too much fun to skip this part in my humble opinion and there is a plethora of great choices. You choose a base—then build on that. They give recommendations that you can use or you can go your own route. Then you choose how much of it you want like more nutty, less nutty—how fruity, sweet—you name it! So cool. There is also a special request section. The site is amazing. THEN you name your bar and it comes to you with your chosen title printed right on the label. What a cute gift this would be! It could be a Happy Birthday Bar or Get Well Soon bar! Plus—these tasted so good they would make your birthday a happy one or help you get better soon! They are “Guaranteed Delicious”—they are so sure that the bars will taste good that they offer a free box should yours not be just what you love. I had a variety pack and fell hopelessly in love with each bar and mix. If I had to pick one it would be “Great Date with Chocolate”, the only ingredients? Dates, Whey Protein, Honey and Cocoa. Somehow they made this combo taste like a thick, dense, fudgy brownie. Need I say more?