The Green Monster

Sounds disgusting but actually tastes great! I have been reading all over blogs about how good these “green” drinks are and the magical ingredient? Fresh Spinach! Even though I love spinach I heard that you could not taste it at all when it is added to smoothies or other drinks, making it a powerhouse of nutrition. So experimenting began yesterday when I made my first green smoothie, read about how I did it. As always, I mixed and combined other peoples recipes to fit my needs and my taste buds. Now I share my personalized version with you!

Emily’s Monster Smoothie (so thick I ate with a spoon)
2 giant handfuls of FRESH spinach (fresh is KEY, I heard this does not work with frozen)
½ cup water
½ cup soymilk or other milk
½ cut up banana
Blend like crazy. Will be VERY green

Once you have blended the spinach into oblivion, it will be a bright green liquid you are left with. Then add:
1 scoop NutriBiotic Vanilla Bean Protein Powder*
¼ cup cottage cheese (I tried Nancy’s Dairy brand, made it very creamy)
3 tablespoons cocoa powder
A handful of ice cubes
Blend again! If it is not to the consistency that you want feel free to play with it. I like things thick, eating them rather than drinking them. Mine was so thick that I ate it with a spoon but I achieved this by adding Xanthan Gum (you only need a TINY bit) and blending again.

* NutriBiotic ProZone Nutritionally Balanced Drink Mix has a nutrient ratio of 30-30-40 (protein- fat- carbohydrates) for maximum enhancement of healthy living, fat burning and creating balance in the body. This specific formula is the naturally flavored vanilla bean one which is great for just mixing simply with water or milk and works perfectly in recipes like the one above.