Portion Control In Your Bowl

Are there certain things that you can not control yourself around? I have serious issues with cereals, nuts, ice cream, anything chocolate. Well next time the serving size says 1 cup or even ½ cup and you think—I am not going to dirty a measuring cup just to dole it out so you way over do it, that is what always happens to me. I am the queen of over doing it! Another thing I have come to know about myself is that I underestimate the amount I am eating. I know that bowls and dishes alike have gotten bigger and bigger so its easy to think you are not eating nearly as much as you are! So whether you need to get your portions in check or have no clue how much you are actually consuming, these handy bowls by MU- Measure Up Bowls will totally help you out! The pack that I got had two bowls in it, a small and a large size. Visit the website to find out more and they are available online at Target!