The Dinner Bell

Dinners are a huge deal to me. It signals the time to relax, the end of your day and a great meal. Every night I try and prepare balanced meals from clean, wholesome ingredients-- this takes time and frankly, its my hobby! There are some nights though when preparing big dinners is not an option-- the nights run late and whipping up dinner is more of a necessity than anything else. I still want whatever I eat to fit into my healthy,balanced, nutrient rich criteria though oh and it can't be left sitting on my hips either! So I tried out a couple new dishes -- here are some that I LOVED (from your grocers freezer):

Blue Horizon Organic Spring Rolls- Just pop in the oven and flip once- so good did not even need sauce! The outsides were crunchy and insides filled with veggies mmmmmmmmm!

Rising Moon Organics Pasta- Dump desired amount in skillet and let it simmer for a bit (a big bowl for only 210 calories and its pasta), the asparagus was firm and the portabella mushrooms still tasted fresh! Excellent.