The Stark Sisters!

They make the “Best Granola on the Planet”—let me be the judge! I am a granola freak so I don’t mind trying to determine this one bit. Since their “Original” is the “Maple Almond” variety I figured I would start there. I am a huge fan of Maple and Almonds! They slow roast this blend with oats, almonds and pure maple syrup. You can tell it is made with only the best ingredients that are necessary for energy, keeping us full, and to provide us with GOOD carbs and ESSENTIAL fats. So to the good stuff—the taste. OMG—it was hands down the crunchiest, nuttiest, most filling AND addicting granola I have ever tasted.

I still have more flavors to go including: Nutty Maple and Lo-fat Raspberry Blueberry with freeze dried berries. Yum!
PS—If you are really lucky they carry the Stark Sisters fabulous blends at your local health food store. If not, you are still in good to go—you can buy it online! Oh and their customer service is great—I talked to Debra (Stark Sister) who was very nice!