New Pudding Creation‏

I whipped up this fabulous pudding the other day when I was looking for a sweet snack. It turned out so good!! Here we go:

1 box of tofu (any firmness will do-- if you use a firm tofu you will need a bit more Hempmilk to get it going)
Vanilla (Unsweetened) Hempmilk as needed (gives a great flavor too)
2 Tbs. Hershey's Dark Chocolate Cocoa Powder
Ideal Sweetener*
Put all items in blender and blend away-- add more Hempmilk as needed until pudding like consistency is reached.

*I hate putting how much sweetener to use in recipes because I like things super sweet and I have noticed that what is good to me, is too sweet to others when I prepare it... So sweeten as needed. I used Ideal which is new to me. It is a no calorie sweetener this is 99% natural (Xylitol). It is great because it tastes just like sugar and has no aftertaste, it also dissolves quickly. Researching it a bit I found out that it is unreal in baked goods and really holds it sweetness and adds to the volume/ texture of the dish you are making, next time I bake I will be trying this out!