A Dollup of Daisy!

I love their "jingle" and now I love their cottage cheese! It is fresh and divinely creamy. Daisy has just launched a new line and lucky for me its something that I consume on a daily basis. I use cottage cheese as a lunchside, dinner side, to make cottage cheese pancakes, baked cottage cheese, casseroles, even ice cream! It is a very versatile food and can take on somany different flavors all while giving you a huge dose of healthy protein.Unlike many of the products out there Daisy has made their cheese with only natural ingredients all while keeping the icky things out like horomones,preservatives, additives, starches and gums. You are probably used to seeing Daisy dairy products (sour cream) at your local supermarket and itis the same family owned company expanding their high quality brand. Right now, Daisy has two types of cottage cheese-- one is 2% and the other is 4% milkfat. I used to think that the 4% contained a lot more calories than the skimmer 2% but per half cup its only an additional 20 calories with a whole lot of flavor. I could see using the 2% more in recipes and the 4% as aside dish on its own!

Daisy has their own website and now another one specifically aimed to the new cottage cheese! Thanks Daisy-- this is so exciting!