Eggs + Cheese + Pita = Winner

You would think I would turn into an egg the way I eat them. I very strongly KNOW that they are a key ingredient in a healthy body. They are an almost perfect food suppling a protein packed nutrient rich punch that is great for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. I start every morning with eggs of some fashion, add egg whites to my oatmeal bowl that I often enjoyfor lunch and at least a few times per week make quiches for dinner throwing in any combination of veggies that I have on hand. Last night there were some pea pods, zucchini strips, a bit of cauliflower and some broccoli florets-- perfect. I now found the tasty solution for those on the go type mornings -- Omelet Pitas by Kangaroo! Take a looksie for yourself:

Simple, tasty and super fast! Another winner from Kangaroo!