Recipe inspiration

Applesauce is so easy to make! I was recently inspired by Musselmann's to try making my own. I had a jar of their "lite" version, and a jar of the cinnamon. The lite was SO good that when I ran out I decided to make some myself and see if I could do it as well. I have to say mine did NOT turn out quite as good but it still pretty impressive.
Applesauce made with JUST apples

Go to the store and get bagged sweet apples, any apples will do just not the sour ones like granny smiths, I used fuji's. Peel them and core them,boil until soft. Then just mash them with a potato masher. If they are still too chunky for your liking put in a food processor or blender. Since you will not be using any sort of preservatives I would eat within a week or so of making the recipe.