I am a burrito aficionado you could say. I love them but they have to be a good, authentic burrito not a frozen one for sure. Until I saw these from Evol. I knew I had to try them. They claimed to be stuffed with fabulous ingredients, offered multiple preparation methods and well their packaging was just cool. So last night I heated one up with this method – microwaved it until soft and warm then I tossed it in the pan for a minute to brown up each side. Served with some Newman’s Own salsa, some Mexican rice and a side of corn it looked like the perfect meal but honestly I still was not expecting much from my frozen burrito. Staying safe I had the “Bean & Cheese” and its caliber was right there with my favorite local restaurant. I am not kidding. It was out of this world. Totally gourmet, authentic, fresh tasting and satisfying oh and did I mention huge? I have so many other kinds to taste (check out their website for all the options) but next on my list is the Tofu and Veggie Sautee or Veggie Fajita… Thank you Evol, you have forever changed my view on frozen burritos but don’t expect any experimenting outside this line-up!