Good Fortunes and Soda Pop

It must be my taste buds good fortune to come across so many good drinks lately! I have just discovered that soda can be micro-brewed, healthy and natural all at the same time. I would consider myself a recovering diet soda addict. I slip quite a bit especially when I see something new or an exciting flavor! With Virgil’s I do not have to even fight my temptation since they are healthy and all natural. They micro-brew all their yummy sodas with herbs, spices and natural sweeteners. They even add dietary supplements into the mix! If that didn't knock your socks right off they have more- Colas, Cream Soda, Cherry Cream Soda, Orange Cream Soda and a whole other line of traditional Jamaican Ginger brews-- Original Ginger, Extra Ginger (for the serious Ginger lover), Premium ginger (sweetened with honey and pineapple juice), Raspberry Ginger, Spiced Apple and but certainly not least CHERRY Ginger brew (YYUUUMMMMMMMMMMMY!). For brewing 101 visit their website. They really know their stuff, I learned quite a bit!