Unflavored Possibilities

If you are searching for a protein powder that is all natural, isolate with no fillers, sweeteners, fillers or bulking agents you are probably lost. Its not easy but BiPro has your solution. Their all natural, unflavored blend is such high quality, digests quickly (which is often a protein problem), unflavored, no fat, no carbs, no sugars and no lactose. What is there not to like? It is the highest quality protein I have seen on the market yet. You can look at its being unflavored as a door to many opportunities, they have recipes on their website or you can prepare it adding only the ingredients that you would want like juices, natural cocoa powder, millk or to make protein brownies, pancakes... Like I said endless possibilities! Another great thing about BioPro is that their website is very informative-- they have a protein calculator on there to take all the guesswork out of how much protein you should be consuming daily. Check out the blender bottle that I got from them as well and get your own!