The Organic Gourmet

I am not talking about myself! But I did do a little experimenting to come up with my own gourmet soup made from the Organic Gourmet’s Veggie based Bouillon Cubes. I had so many odds and ends of veggies in my cabinets and fridge so it was truly a veggie soup of leftovers and boy was it good! Here is what I did:

Took 2 of the cubes and dissolved them in water. Let it boil and added all the veggies—I had some leftover kidney beans, corn, carrots, mushrooms, chopped up some celery and dumped in my leftover brown rice and let it all simmer together. The Bouillon Cubes made my soup fantastic. I did not have to add any additional seasonings or anything—it was perfect. It doesn’t look that pretty but it tasted so good.

I am finding that soup is the perfect way to start meals and they fill me up with minimal calories but I can pack the nutrients in there. So I have been having soup with a lean source of protein for my lunches lately and now I love it even more that I can control EXACTLY what goes in my soups and yet still have them taste as good, if not better than store bought editions.

They have tons of other veggie based products as well including: Vegetable Seasoning & Stock Concentrate, Low Sodium Vegetable Seasoning & Stock Concentrate, Wild Mushroom Seasoning & Stock Concentrate, Just-Like-Chicken Seasoning & Stock Concentrate, Bouillon Cubes, Low Sodium Bouillon Cubes, Miso Pastes, Spreads, Dips and Mixes.