Energy for you!

Granola Gourmet makes these totally irresistible, natural granola bars. My weakness? Granola—this is the same thing just in a different format. What sets this bar apart is it is VERY soft, very thick, hearty and filling! Most bars don’t fill me up but this bar lasted me through the morning probably because it is filled with organic oats, flax seeds, sunflower seeds, almonds and sweetened with low-GI agave and honey. They have four flavors—Spiced Orange Cranberry, Brownie, Very Berry and Chocolate Espresso.

Very Berry: Soft, moist, delicious and berry filled.
Brownie: Was my favorite but the Very Berry followed right behind. How can I resist something that is thick, oat filled, sweet and most of all rich cocoa flavored?

They included a very informative booklet with their bars giving information on sweeteners, dieting (how it is NOT possible while you are hungry contrary to popular beliefs) and relevant information from various doctors about following a healthy diet and lifestyle. I wish everyone could read this pamphlet to set some of the common myths to rest. For the meantime—visit their website for more information. Pssst—you can pick these up at Whole Foods on the West Coast or click here to find a location near you !