Add to my top 10 list

I am obsessed with frozen treats. I always end my night with them even though I live in Wisconsin and many months are spent bundled in blankets and layers of clothes on. Usually, I whip up some ice cream or something along those lines but recenty I had the EXTREME pleasure of trying Diana's Banana Babies. Many bloggers have RAVED about how good frozen bananas are and how creamy they taste when frozen. I kinda just thought-- its just a frozen banana BUT was I ever wrong. Diana's Banana Babies are the best thing I have had in a long, long time. For only 130 calories I can have a creamy, dreamy, dark chocolate coated frozen banana treat. I can not explain to you how well the chocolate and banana work together and how thick the coating of chocolate is! I was amazed at the sheer goodness of these. Lucky for me there are more varities to try out (although I can not imgine anything topping the dark choc + banana combo)-- milk chocolate and milk chocolate with peanuts. Stay tuned and in the meantime RUN do not walk to your grocery store to pick these up.