Party Time!

We had a birthday party at our house this weekend. The spread was great! This is pre-party:

Our gracious guests added to this and we had tons of foods AND tons of leftovers (nom nom nom). The big hits were the Whale Tail Chips and the Deliciously Pure, Purely Delicious Walkers Shortbread cookies. Besides the yum factor of Whale Tail’s stone ground organic yellow corn tortilla chips (with a hint of sea salt) they also rated high on the dippable factor (Whale Tails seem to be the best dipper ever) scooping up salsa like it was their job! Another thing I love about Whale Tails is that a portion of their proceeds go to help marine life—they contribute to whale research. So not only are they delicious, they help our whale friends and they are certainly conversation starters! Walkers Shortbreads were the other stand out in the crowd food item! I didn’t know these shortbreads were going to be such a hit! I put out the original butter shortbreads and snuck one while preparing the table. I was in shock of how good and simple these were oh and seriously addicting! WOW! The Walkers began making cookies over 100 years ago so its pretty obvious that they have it down pat! The butter cookies are melt in your mouth fabulous with a perfect texture for dunking into coffee or straight up on their own. They have branched out from plain shortbreads and now have more varieties including ones with chocolate chips, fruits, spices and nuts. YUM! Oh and these are free of icky artificial colors and flavorings like a lot of cookies out there.