Auromere Toothpaste

I am really trying to lean towards more natural, healthy products in my home and in my body. That is why I am trying to apply this to every facet of my life—even my toothpaste. I was reading the ingredient list on my toothpaste and could not pronounce most of them and was amazed at the sheer amount on the tube! I have to admit when I first squeezed out a bit of my Auromere toothpaste I was a bit alarmed at the brownish tint—I am used to aqua blues, teal greens with bleach white stripes or even red gels but this was a thick, brownish paste. Well that paste tasted amazing—fresh and minty and it worked wonders in my mouth. My teeth felt so clean after using this paste and I felt better knowing that it was all-natural, still had whitening power, helped with sensitivity and removed plaque and tartar. Give this herbal paste a try!