Hands OFF

My Chocri! What is a Chocri????? It is a customized chocolate bar made by YOU. Log onto their website and pick from tons of great ingredients in steps—first you pick your chocolate base, then pick from fruits, nuts, spices, confections, d├ęcor, grains and holiday specials. It is not basics here either people—I am talking raw nuts, coated nuts, dried fruits, savory spices, sweet spices, cookies pieces, candy, cereal – you name it, they coat it in chocolate. So here are my two very different chocolate bars:
Bar #1: Dark chocolate, raw cashews, coconut pieces, dried raspberries.
Bar #2: White chocolate, dried strawberries and walnuts
The thing I loved about these bars is that it is fun to do and I was so excited to get my “creation” in the mail. I also loved that the chocolate was of such a high quality as well as the ingredients and they sure didn’t skimp on them either. You can actually make your bar a healthy treat to enjoy in moderation. Create a chocolate for someone you love or yourself.