Eat in the Raw

Eat in the Raw boasts being "Naked Nutrition"-- Vegan Parmesan. No dairy, no soy, no gluten, no GMO, kosher. Eat Parma! goes great on Salad, Pasta, Pizza, Rice, Avocado and More. Well, for my first try I decided to make a Parm-Bread and it was insane! I took a slice of my Cybros Sprouted bread and coated it with a touch of vegan buttery spread and sprinkled Parma! on right on top. It was so great I had it again tonight alongside my dinner. It was better than any cheesy or garlic bread than I have ever had. Being that it was a base of Cybros bread and the Parma topping it was a much healthier alternative. Eat in the Raw blends are made up of is made using only Raw Organic Walnuts, Red Star Veg Support Nutritional Yeast, Celtic Sea Salt, and Love-- Awesome!