What do you get when you cross Organic White Tea Leaves & Whole Fruits?

Teather! It is a dried fruit strip made with natural ingredients—whole tart pieces of fruit pressed with white tea leaves. I know when you hear fruit strip you think of those flimsy, sugar laden “roll ups”… well this is the very sophisticated, unique, grown up version that tastes amazing. Not only does it taste good it makes for an easy, healthy snack to carry with you to work, gym, errands—just about anything so you are never stuck reaching for something unhealthy. I ate my Teather treats right out of the package but when I was perusing their website I came across the ideas that they had of “putting it atop breakfast cereals, salads, or yogurts or for a wholesome trail mix, combine with dark chocolate and nuts. Pair with red wine.” Now they are talking! Point being—amazing on its own and I am sure you would be delighted having it paired just about anywhere you would use regular fruit. They have three flavors: Berry Cherry Açaí, Strawberry Pomegranate and Mango Goji Citrus.

Here they are in the order of my faves:
Berry Cherry Acai (pictured) offers a well-balanced blend of blueberries, cherries and acai berries with slight background notes of white tea and subtle hints of chocolate.
Flavors of strawberry and pomegranate predominate Strawberry Pomegranate. Notes of white tea are less evident in this especially fruity and slightly sweeter version.
Mango Goji Citrus, a robust citrus background flavor accentuates a provocative combination of mangoes and goji berries and a refreshingly tart taste.
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