Gimme Chocolate! DAILY!

On a day to day basis you probably try and avoid those sneaky chocolates that lurk around every corner. If you are like me—one leads to two and two leads to finishing the whole bag, box or whatever container holds the sweet goodness. Knowing this is just how my mind operates I usually save chocolate for my treat days or look for alternatives. For me, every meal ends with something sweet (except breakfast). My snacks are sweet, my drinks are sweet—I just have a very strong sweet tooth! So lucky for me Chocolite has a dreamy line of amazing chocolate bars, bites, turtles, chews and clusters! The great thing about these “Choc-o-lites” is that the kind people at Health Smart foods listened to their consumers and decided to lighten up chocolates and offer them to us with just ½ the calories, protein blends worked right in them, high fiber and low carb! Depending on which variety you pick they are anywhere from 30 calories per piece to 115 calories for a full size “candy” bar! Pictured is the Cashew Caramel (DREAMY)! I had to check the label to make sure the nutritional information I understood was correct and the whole bar was just 115 calories! Check out the triple chocolate fudge, cookies n cream, peanut butter, chocolate turtle, strawberry, crispy caramel, peanut chew, almond fudge, peanut cluster bar and there are more! Check it out.